Landscape Construction

Soft Landscaping

Soft Landscaping Overview

Shaffrey Landscaping Ltd carry out all aspects of soft landscaping including:

  • RSite clearance
  • REarthworks
  • RTopsoiling
  • RTurfing
  • RSeeding
  • RTree planting
  • ROrnamental shrub planting

Our staff have vast experience in assisting with the sorting out of specification issues, programme and budgeting requirements.

Screen & Structure Planting

We have successfully undertaken screen and structure planting along motorways and roads, around business parks and pharmaceutical plants.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Working with the leading landscape architects and planners we have many years’ experience in the planting of ornamental trees and shrubs for any environment including:

  • NHigh profile business parks
  • NUrban parks
  • NCivic spaces
  • NHousing developments

We are also experienced in the handling of mature trees from the selection process with the client, architect and specialist grower nurseries to the implementation and planting on site.


Preparation cultivation and seeding of large open spaces including:

  • NSports fields
  • NRoadside verges
  • NTurfing

We are also experienced in the supply and installation of:

  • NReinforced grass
  • NFire access roads
  • NArtificial synthetic grass

Wild Meadow Development

We have successfully developed a number of wildflower and native grass meadows. In order to ensure successful and long term establishment of the meadow, we are involved in:

  • NSourcing of the seed mixture
  • NCultivation and the seeding works
  • NMaintenance and management of the meadow

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping Overview

Hard landscaping has formed a major part of many of the landscape projects we have successfully implemented over the years.

Works have included:

  • RKerbing
  • RPaths
  • RPaving
  • RCar parks
  • RWalls
  • RLighting
  • RSeating
  • RResin paths
  • RSignage

We have access to highly skilled and experienced staff working with the best materials to produce a quality finish.